EIA in accordance with Russian Legislation

The TurkStream pipeline starts on the Russian coast near Anapa and runs through the Black Sea for nearly 230 km in Russian waters before crossing to the Exclusive Economic Zone of Turkey.

Pipelines are a safe, convenient and efficient way to transport natural gas from source to destination. TurkStream will offer a reliable energy supply for Turkey and the wider region by delivering 31.5 billion cubic meters of natural gas annually.

The Russian sector of the pipeline has been developed entirely in line with national permitting requirements to ensure that both the onshore and offshore sections of the Project are assessed from an environmental and social perspective.

Available data

The Project benefits also from the data available from the extensive surveying and approved EIA for the South Stream Offshore Gas Pipeline project. Communities in the Anapa region near the landfall, along with NGOs and other interest groups, were engaged with as part of the social assessments.