TurkStream starts on the Russian coast of the Black Sea and runs for 930 kilometers under the sea towards Turkey.

Supplying Energy for the Future

Russia takes its responsibility to provide consumers with reliable gas supplies very seriously and has always fulfilled its contractual obligations. Pipelines deliver gas directly and hence play a key role in securing reliable energy supplies.

The offshore section of the TurkStream Gas Pipeline connects to Turkish landfall facilities near the town of Kiyikoy on the Black Sea coast.

Gas-demand —
462 bcm

Projected demand —
521 bcm

31.5 bcm

202 bcm

260 bcm


imports needs:
125 bcm

327 bcm

194 bcm


The Nord Stream pipeline has been in operation since 2011 and guarantees uninterrupted gas flows to Germany and other northern European countries. Since 2003, gas has been transported directly to Turkey through the Blue Stream pipeline.

Gas deliveries to the west of Turkey and a number of southern and southeastern European countries have been relying on an older system which runs via Ukraine. Over the past 20 years, lack of investments in its modernization has made this system less reliable, posing a risk for those countries that depend on it for all their energy.

A Reliable Route

TurkStream offers a key solution for the energy supply security of Turkey and Europe by providing a direct connection to Russian gas reserves, to transport up to 31.5 billion cubic metres of gas to the region each year.

Gas demand, EU and Turkey

Source: International Energy Agency (IEA), World Energy Outlook 2016 (The New Policies Scenario), bcm: billion cubic meters

Local investments and opportunities

We believe that it is important for the TurkStream Project to contribute to the economic and social development of the local communities in our project area. Our Community Investment Program has been aiming to respond to the needs and aspirations of our local communities, a priority that we ensured through community participation in identifying, prioritizing and delivering projects.

On a wider level, the development of the necessary infrastructure in Turkey and beyond supports further modernization of the Turkish industry.

Additionally, with an annual capacity of 31.5 bcm, TurkStream further boosts Turkey’s geostrategic importance.

Designed for maximum safety

Laid at depths exceeding 2 kilometers, TurkStream advances the technological boundaries of the industry.

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We are commited to developing the Project in an environmentally responsible manner.