The Offshore Section of the TurkStream Gas Pipeline is Complete

The pipe-laying vessel Pioneering Spirit has completed the construction of the offshore section of the TurkStream gas pipeline today.

19 November
Start of nearshore works for TurkStream

On Sunday 22 July, nearshore works started for the TurkStream Offshore Gas Pipeline near the Turkish town of Kiyiköy.

23 July
Pioneering Spirit resumes pipelaying for TurkStream

Today, Pioneering Spirit resumed pipelaying of the second offshore string (Line 2) for the TurkStream offshore gas pipeline towards Kiyikoy in Turkey.

26 June
Pioneering Spirit departures from Rotterdam port to recommence works on TurkStream

On 8 June Pioneering Spirit departed from the Rotterdam port and is now sailing towards the Black Sea.

8 June
TurkStream Line 1 Completed

Today at the Black Sea coast of Turkey, the deep-water pipelay for Line 1 of the TurkStream offshore gas pipeline has been completed.

30 April
Half of TurkStream offshore section installed

On 6 March, 50% of the offshore section for the TurkStream Offshore Gas Pipeline has been installed. As of today, over 930 kilometer of pipeline has been laid in total on the seabed of the Black Sea, divided over two strings. Pioneering Spirit, the vessel responsible for the deep-water sections of the pipeline, passed kilometer point 706 this morning for the first line. For the second line, 224 kilometers were installed in 2017.

6 March
The pipelay commenced along the specially developed route for TurkStream

On 19 February, Pioneering Spirit installing the first line of the TurkStream gas pipeline passed KP660 in the Black Sea near the border of Bulgarian Exclusive Economic Zone.

19 February
Start of construction TurkStream receiving terminal

Today South Stream Transport BV has officially announced the start of construction of the Receiving Terminal of the TurkStream Offshore Gas Pipeline. With the start of the onshore construction in Turkey, the project is now being implemented in three construction areas: onshore Russia, onshore Turkey and offshore in the Black Sea.

17 January
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