Through Children’s Eyes: Kıyıköy

Photography Exhibition

7-13 December 2018, İstanbul Naval Museum

Kıyıköy, in Kirklareli’s Vize district, is a quiet and calm seaside village, only 150 kilometers from Istanbul.

This village, where you can find the beauties of Thrace and the Black Sea, welcomes its visitors with its unique natural beauties with a view that cannot be captured into picture frames.

Kıyıköy, founded by the Carians, brings the traces from the primeval era to the present day.

But how many people in İstanbul know about the beauties offered by Kıyıköy, their next door neighbour?

Kıyıköy Photography Project was hosted by TurkStream Project in collaboration with Turkey Photo Journalists Association in April — May 2018.

The project aimed to contribute to Kıyıköy’s young population to gain a new hobby and talent, as well as socializing with their peers in İstanbul and expert photographers to enlarge their horizon.

Project offered Kıyıköy’s children between ages of 13 — 18 to attend workshops with experts from Turkey Photo Journalists Association at four consecutive weekends.

And now, we’d like to invite you to a short Kıyıköy tour in the middle of İstanbul, through these talented young people’s photographs.

We hope that you share our enthusiasm when you see what we saw through children’s eyes.